Jorge Consuelo

Director - BOLO


Jorge has a background in smaller, independent films, but his need for money has drawn him
to Television, and a reality show that is already guaranteed for 6 episodes was more paycheck
than his sensibilities could turn down.

Jorge is a solid director with a definite vision for how he
wants to differentiate BOLO from every other TV show out there by giving it an edge and
sensibility not found in most mainstream fare. Unfortunately, that desire for something different is nearly always at odds with the Studio’s desire for something formulaic and safe.

Jorge has a natural ally in Deborah thanks to their shared indie film backgrounds. They know a lot of the same people, but they have never worked together, strangely enough.

Jorge is in his early 40s, shaved head, glasses. He’s amiable and quick, and the depth and
breadth of his literary and cinematic knowledge is impressive, if making him a bit of a hipster.

Jorge Consuelo

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